The introduction of the ESP

Hello everyone!

This is a series of blog-mediated online ESP (English for specific purses) course targeting at Chinese college English learners who are studying or living in UK, with the aim of improving learners’ communicative and problem-solving competence. I guess  most of you may already have received your offers from your ideal universities and achieved a satisfactory English proficiency level demanded by the concerning institutions. However, passing the IELTS test does not mean that you can manage their studying and living in a country where people have different lifestyles. Therefore, you need to acquire different situation-based knowledge and learn how to communicate effectively in these situations.

The First topic that has been presented on this blog is centered around the topic of accommodation in the UK, which is a very common situation that every overseas student may encounter. There will be other situation-based topics presented to the you according to your preferences by analysing the data of the questionnaires attached in this site.

The assessment of this course will include the completion of required tasks (collecting information, writing or videos) on your blogs (20%), weekly reflective journal (10%), comments on others’ blogs (10%) and the summative assessment (60%).

Now you are welcomed to reply to the questions below since I want to collect your suggestions for this online course. You can make comments on this page or send it to my Email: If you have any problems or suggestions, don’t me shy and email me !

Pre-project questionnaire

  1. Have you ever used blogs to learn a language? What do you know about blogs?
  2. What kind of information do you want to post on your blog?
  3. What kind of role do you think the blog play in the L2 class?

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